Nicko Weidel
RBC is a large media company that include lot of digital products: TV-channel, site, newspaper, magazine etc.
2021 - 2022
My roles
Graphic designer
Motion designer
Team Lead

Event Agency

In RBC i was started as a Senior Graphic Designer and then i taked a role the Team Lead of Communication Designers.

I controlled a giant scope of work in various projects — i led inside, outside and indirect tasks.
Next i show up some mix of pieces from different works and projects i made while worked on RBC as a designer.
ADV Catalogue
I made cool clay 3D style for hard to progress project — showcase of RBC owned advertising formats.
Corporate site
Taked the task to make an editorial style and graphic pack for group of company corporate task and shiny win that.
RBC Companies
Developed identity for the RBC project — catalogue of companies with the functionality of an advertising account
Department producing original analytical, educational and businnes materials: i made a tonns of stuff for this project.
Redesign TV
I started a long time project of update an broadcast overlays graphic and builded a base of RBC TV-channel design system.
Besides this cases i made a lot of stuff for big and small events, web-products, promotion of RBC and many other.
All the projects was a complex work with internal tasks, global strategy, micromanagement, leading of designers, team building and tactics planing.

Trough the deep of this directions i never forget and don't leave simple design craft.